UberPOOL: market introduction campaign (2015)

Campaign goals

  1. Attract more drivers
  2. Attract more riders
  3. Inform/educate about UBER carpooling/ridesharing
  4. Strengthen UBER brand recognition

Audience: US men aged 18–26


A photo of three grinning men in rayon suits sitting in a car looking at the camera through the windshield (clear resemblance with the Roxbury Guys without directly mentioning it).
Approximate caption: “Three makes it fun. uberPOOL”.

Similarly: two young men and a young woman riding brooms; two men and a tall hairy character with a charger on his chest, three men resembling GTA5 characters, etc. – all with “Three makes it fun”.
Potentially reach for the actors of the Carpoolers TV series of 2007 (
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0928410/) is the theme catches up.

Message: three people in a car make a trip adventurous and fun, and UBER lets you do just that.